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Feet or Knees

Are we real
Or just an ideal?
America, old and taut
Can't be bought
Just the people
Least that's what I say

We the people
On the streets
Under a steeple
What do they want
A Joe Biden
A Donald Trump

Is it so when the man
Puts money in your hand
Or is it in your heart
Where love and hate start
What is the message
America's wreckage

Whosoever would hate
Sea from shining sea
Can they ever be free
When their injured minds
Hear's no anthem
Only oppressions ransom

And what of the rest
As the seas crest
Above their heart
Can they ever understand
That a nation is free
On its feet or wounded knee

But how will we come together?
By prayer or angry weather?
Empathy or resentment
An open mind's contentment
Is it in our manifest destiny
To calm our stormy sea?