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feel with me

your lips so soft as they touch mine

hands filled with warmth

body that caresses mine

as your presence comforts me

you’re Home to me.

you were everything

now a stranger

every little piece fell apart

broken as a glass

shattered to pieces

a trust that can’t be fixed.

your soul connects to mine

enters my body and mind

filled with love and joy

for eternity.

as days go by

you feel distant

more than ever

as my hands try to reach you

my heart breaks

each time,

You are gone.

harsh words that were said

were not meant

only to hurt,

the New you.

crazy in love

with the person I thought

turned out to be

a Horrifying being.

replays of the past

will forever play

like a cassette

on my mind

feel with my heart

stay with me.

sweet and gentle

i miss your presence

surrounding me

all around

wshing you were here,

beside Me.

i’m lost and broken

can’t feel a thing

why is this

a moment I’ll never Forget.

is it hard

to be loved

and cared for

by someone special

that means a lot

My One and Only.

sad and depressed

a normal thing

for someone like me

used to it

day by by.

letting go

holding back

to memories

that are long Gone.

i hope you’re happy

that’s all I want

all the best for you

even if it’s without me

by your side.

pretty thoughts

only about you

can’t think of negatives

when it comes to You.

months go by

still feel the same

hard to control

but letting go

is the only way.

touched by your kindness

heartwarming my soul

endlessly dreaming

Forever Yours,

© 2018 FromAnonymous

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