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Feelingless : A Poem



: Ailovella

What a tragic tale I have

That Romeo and Juliet can’t level with

Because their story ended with love

While mine never did

Juliet’s heart stopped beating

Romeo died willingly

Me, well I’m still breathing

But I’m dead, my heart tells me

We promised forever

Saying he’ll follow me to death

Now he’s a murderer

He killed me himself

My precious heart keeps aching

Stabbed by each word he says

I was then slowly dying

I was torn in different ways

I heard something

The most unpleasant music to listen

It was not his mouth talking

It’s the sound of his footsteps leaving

As he walks away

Little did the sound gets

As the sound fades away

Little did I realized he left

My sight was blurred

I cannot clearly see my worth

I cried and murmured

I feel unloved, terribly hurt

I was motionless as a scarecrow

Waiting cause I still love him

Asking for him to come back even as a shadow

Come back even in my dream

© 2020 Aila Gaytano

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