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I'm Feeling Like an Earthly Reincarnation of an E.T.


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

If the Path under Our Feet Is Full of Footprints, It Can't Be Called Spiritual -- For That's One Journey We Take Alone -- Val Karas

If the Path under Our Feet Is Full of Footprints, It Can't Be Called Spiritual -- For That's One Journey We Take Alone -- Val Karas


To different folks spirituality means a different thing, and I won't go through the whole list of possibilities. Rather, I'll keep my focus on how I am experiencing it, which is something that I want to share.

At this point I honestly don't care how "outlandishly weird" it may sound to anyone reading it -- while some of you might even relate to it.

Namely, in my case it appears that I haven't been developing my spirituality, but my spirituality has been developing me. Pushing me ever since childhood to read in a marathon fashion, to explore my own human essence and its unused potential, to observe the world in what has felt like an insatiable thirst for inner expanding of my intimate world.

Now, anyone even superficially familiar with the tenets of quantum physics must know about so called principle of entanglement which connects everything in this universe in a subtle energetic realm.

This connectedness may also refer to the cosmic consciousness, and further to incarnation of souls from different cosmic civilizations scattered around the deep space.

Connecting my belief in existence of such far away -- but spiritually inseparable -- civilizations with my belief in reincarnation, I just intuitively perceive a reality in which some of those E.T.'s out there might reincarnate on this planet. The existence of savants with outlandish abilities, as well as geniuses of all garden varieties, gives me this hint that there are humans with at least a partial genome that is not of this planet.

There are none of those special abilities that I would ever claim to possess, and yet, there is this definite feeling fromever in me that I am not completely "from here". I may not be particularly smart old fart, but just smart enough not to spot anything "pathological" in all this -- albeit a shrink would surely try to squeeze my "spirituality" into one of his pet theories.

Looking at the world's affairs, even empathizing with people, I see how my very technology of thinking is so different. Just can't believe the stories coming from the daily news, and it's not merely a difference in positions, but an altogether different vibrational base that generates these kinds of reasoning in me and in them.

And more than anything I can't fathom why people are choosing suffering over happiness, since happiness is our natural state of being. Our very biological dynamics is only possible due to an incredible harmony orchestrating life in us.

Indeed, if our body cells were thinking and emoting the way we do, we would perish shortly after babyhood.

Well, in this wish to share all this, here I go with my three pieces of my rhymed prose depicting the above topic. Who knows, maybe some of you can relate to all this, but never wanted to talk out of a concern not to be shunned -- well, one concern I don't really have at all.

Maybe there are more of us souls laboring to cleanse ourselves by spirituality from the contamination of the world's stupidity. Future may tell more about what some isolated cases hinted at through history.

Just a Piece of Science Fiction

Following is nothing but science fiction stuff

yet something that makes me quite amused

but I can't make it appear convincing enough

if it looks I am trying -- I hope to be excused.

They say E.T. souls may reincarnate on earth

taking human forms with some human genes

so such a dude would feel strange from birth

but now hey, feel free to laugh, by all means.

It must be a sheer coincidence, but that's how I feel

like dropped down from far away place like Mars

my entire life never felt like regular human deal

the world fromever looking like one big farce.

Not talking about some introvert

in a corner of his lonely life curled

whose mind, dissected by expert

revealing "unadopted inner world".

And even less it's about some schizoid type

replacing reality with his own odd version

all absorbed by a science fiction hype

wallowing in that deep immersion.

But as far back as I could trace

I always secretly felt I didn't belong

even though loving the whole human race

but with hunger for alternate truth being so strong.

How many of others may feel the same

while keeping quiet just not to appear odd

science fiction, or not, you give it your name

but not all of us feel as "children of a same god".

Illegal Aliens Within Our Own Skin

Who are these intruders in our personal space

demanding respect with one common voice

bunch of crazy authorities with no face

imposing their will over our choice.

Ever since our babyhood they started that invasion

like a chorus of dictators with language so strange

parading around our life with suggestive persuasion

while demanding our intuitive unfoldment to change.

If they could erase our fingerprints and DNA

they would do it making us a robotic clones

as they have already done in their own way

creating a race with no will and backbones.

We are all sacrificing sheep to deities of the herd

programmed to believe that we have a free will

duped into coexistence paradigm so absurd

stimulated to argue, to intimidate, and kill.

Illegal aliens in our own skin

tell us what to think, feel and do

calling our self-loving a deadly sin

preventing what in our heart feels true.

Altruism is fine when our genuine will remains intact

when our true identity is shining through our love

when we stay fully conscious in each loving act

not modified by unwelcome authorities above.

Alchemist of Mind by Inner Call

My quest is about feats mentally untried

be it a new discipline or new meditation

always inspired by life's mysterious side

seeing whole reality as my own creation.

Letting spirit's light in mind's unknown

I keep discovering what else I could be

feeling the least lonely when I am alone

for then my love is divine for all I can see.

With fine-tuning my instrument every tune sounds good

and like zen master would say, all the world is inside

so I never wait for mercy of some optimal mood

creating new portraits of world I've never tried.

Yet, on certain level I'm just another aging dude

not that alchemist of mind for all others to see

I picked my social image as best as I could

blending with all on this pretending spree.

For everyone is selective at their self-revealing

their most intimate truth secured in a safe hide

coming out with standard repertoire of feeling

trying to be well recognizable from each side.

That's where I make some clumsy excursions

into this world of interacting by prescribed rules

watered down into some of my many odd versions

dressed in costume of wise men, or costume of fools.

© 2021 Val Karas

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