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Feeling Good Without An Explanation

Lets Explore

I am looking for reasons

It is the first day of the second month of the year

My wife and I are off from work

I am reading stories and poems online

My wife is doing some baking

She is making homemade pretzels and mini cup cakes

I am the official taste tester

That could be one reason why I am happy

She is now cooking a roast beef for supper

I throw some dirty laundry in the wash

In between we joke around

Turning the middle of our kitchen into a ballroom dancing floor

We pretend and make up our own dances

Pulling each other close when the music is slow

Swinging our arms when the beat picks up

We both can't sing or dance

But here we can do both

Getting exercise without even thinking

Now we wind down our day

With a little t.v.

I guess it's making fun out of the little things

That makes me the happiest of all

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