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Feeling Good And Showing It


There Are Days That Are Incredible

When they come

I try to round them up

If I could lasso them I would

Adding them up

Like a millionaire counts his money

Into my wonderful pile you go

Pleasing me so

Waking up is easy

When you love life

Things don't always go your way

You search and search

Let the bad times fade

There are so many good times

That we can tap into that make them even better

There is no limit to what we can do

Sometimes you don't have to look to far

The wonderful day you had yesterday is just trickling over

A good positive attitude topped off by a lovely smile

You will see

Everything makes each day a little brighter

We don't always have to fight or pick an argument

We can live peacefully

No matter how simple my day may be

Relaxing at home

Loving my wife or off own my own

Trimming the rose bush or cutting the lawn

Smelling the fresh-cut grass

Even though I have a little hay fever

It is well worth it

No matter if I am just starting my day or just ending it

I have very little concept of time

When I am in sync

My emotions are through the roof

I am high on life

Laughing at the simplest moment

Whatever makes your day

Good morning and good afternoon

Where did you go?

Can we all just be nice

I heard in the real world this is impossible

Well I will try everything in my power to make it different

Do we have to go to extremes and drive other people crazy?

When we all just want to be appreciated

Hi, how are you?

I find the littlest things to excite me to a whole new level

There is nothing more refreshing than an early morning walk

A hot shower at the days end

A hard day of work in-between

Filled with all the highs and lows

Where we can't wait for the rest of the day

So we can do so much more

The list is endless

Enough talk

Lets turn our thoughts into action

Ready or not


It's never to late to begin

Off to a wonderful day of adventure

Where I am sure we will meet

There is no need to exaggerate

When things are fine just as they are


DREAM ON (author) on June 26, 2020:

John Hansen I admire your creativity and energy. I am always trying to balance them out. I either have too much of one or the other and that is a hard thing to swallow. I feel I have to keep following my heart and sometimes that leads me back to the start. I have faith in my core beliefs I just have to find a way to do a little tweak. My heart keeps all human life possible so it is there where all life has to be embraced. Thank you so much for all your comments and endless thoughts. It is these thoughts that we find a solution that other people couldn't see. Have a great morning and awesome weekend.

DREAM ON (author) on June 26, 2020:

Lorna Lamon I understand sometimes life throws us a big dose of uncomfortably and sadness and when that happens we have to find a bigger dose of medicine. I like to turn my thoughts and energy into what I like to call people medicine, not drugs or alcohol. There are many vices and each comes and leads us to a slow and steep downfall. If we are on a raft and slowing being pulled by the current closer and closer to a waterfall. When we turn to people they have many benefits and little or no side effects. Instead, we are tied to a tree and the raft pulls us in one direction but we can't go any farther because we are tied now we can paddle our way back to safety or paddle away for exercise and fun. Always safe and letting the current be a lesson to us. Life can and does get hard at times with people's minds and creativity we can overcome any obstacle. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Have a lovely weekend.

DREAM ON (author) on June 26, 2020:

Gypsy Rose Lee There are ways to focus on the good and later excel in doing great. Work is out there. We just have to fine-tune our senses to make our talents fit the jobs that exist. This is not easy when we still have so much anger or sadness towards different times in our life. Isn't time we let those bad times melt like candle wax and create a new brighter and better light. We wouldn't have all we have if we didn't experience so much. We have to take the bad with the good. That is only experienced through our journey. Writing jobs are out there. Maybe we have to approach them as one source of income where we can also apply our other talents and make us more well rounded and successful to a higher and greater level. Thank you so much for always coming by and visiting and sharing another piece of the pie. I want a big slice and we can chat and laugh and reflect on the bad and embrace the good. Have a super weekend.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on June 19, 2020:

Still looking for writing jobs. Nothing much else going on now and as I have said before summer brings very sad memories.

Lorna Lamon on June 18, 2020:

Wonderful words of truth Dream On and I truly believe life is what we make it. We can find joy in a smile or a simple hello, which can make all the difference to someone else and enrich our own lives as well. Another timeless poem.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on June 18, 2020:

Nice sentiments, DreamOn. I too am enjoying most of my days, especially when I can see the result of hard work at home, rearranging the house, renovating, gardening. Nothing better.

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