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Feeling Good and Keeping It a Secret


Until Now

The cat is out of the bag

Each day it is important that we treat each other with the utmost respect

I don't know where people everywhere get the notion

They can say whatever they want

No matter whose feelings they hurt

I thought we all were brought up on simple basic principles

There was an imaginary line nobody ever crossed

Now I think that line was in the sand instead of in stone

Where it is washed far, far away

Nobody has the respect for their elders

Even if I didn't think they were right

I learned to hold my tongue and think what I wanted to myself

I think I am more shocked than hurt

As I get older I see things I don't want to see

Then I think maybe it is just a few bad apples

The more I see the more I don't like

Maybe I should stop looking

I was wondering if I was just looking for trouble

Actually, I made a point of it to write down a few thoughts

I was going in a whole another direction

Doing everything in my power to get along

Bending over backwards to see life through their eyes

I still came up short

My father use to say

You are about sixty cents short of a dollar

Where do we go from here?

I am not sure

I will rack my head a bit and think

If these are little things I find off center

Not just quite right

Then I can imagine the big things

When I got out of line my mother would remind me

I brought you into this world and I can take you out

I knew how true that really was

She wouldn't dare

I didn't have a lot of fancy things growing up

I was taught to respect the things I did have and try to make them last

Now it seems easy come easy go

If you don't take care of something and break it it's o.k.

No big deal

Don't try to fix it

Just buy another one

Well my brain can't take much more today

I will blow a fuse

I think back to my childhood

The things we did

The memories we shared

The good and the bad

They all had a certain kind of order

We knew there were certain rules we couldn't break

Not if but when you broke those rules

You knew there was going to be consequences

You didn't blame anyone but yourself

Then in my mind

I made sure I didn't make the same mistake twice

Now it is as good as time as any

Thank you mom and dad for all that you tried to show and teach me

If I learned or not that was another whole story for a different time

Maybe I can sleep on it

Come up with a better perspective in the morning

I am glad I grew up when I did

Today is a whole different world

It seems to be going too fast

Even the younger generation can't keep up

Then again I don't think they notice

Because their head is somewhere out of sight

Another thing my father would say

Your lucky your head is screwed on tight enough

If not you would have lost it a long time ago


DREAM ON (author) on January 14, 2021:

Greg Cain I know many teachers have taught me many lessons in school. Some good and bad. I remember looking around the classroom and seeing all my friends listening and learning around me. I use to love to doodle. I drew and wrote many of things that had nothing to do with what the teacher was saying. They all seemed important at that time. I wonder what I really learned or remember to this day. I am sure many of my teachers were old then and they have also passed on. My father would say if you could just learn the basics then you can always learn more. It is funny how more thoughts come into our heads at different moments. These thoughts I haven't thought about for years. Well, I do feel better after a nap or a good sleep. Sometimes I wait to comment for a few days. To see what my mind will think of next. Thank you for sharing your experiences also. I think with some help we can both piece the world together not the way it is but what it could be. Always thinking of ways to make small changes that can have a good effect on the world and the people we know and love. May today bring one more smile instead of confusion and frustration. I think we have seen enough of that already. Have a lovely morning. It is 7:30 here and my eyes are open my heart is still resting.

DREAM ON (author) on January 14, 2021:

John Hansen I went back and had to add a line my mother use to say I brought you into this world I can take you out. Part serious part funny but so true. Both my parents have been gone for some time now. My father since 1991 and my mother since 2012. Often their words come into my head like they are sitting down and talking to me right now. Then I wonder if I listened to them back then or I had issues with what they were saying. Maybe I didn't agree with every thought. I did listen and try to think of why they thought and said as they did. Just maybe they could know something I didn't know. Deep down I knew they had my back. They were trying to help me not hurt me even if I couldn't understand it at that time. They knew if they said it often enough I might just get it or at least give it some thought. Years later there is no one to help me if I do right or wrong. Things happen so fast. My wife is there but not at the moment. Now it is usually after the fact. Too late and you should have thought of it first and acted after. Your actions have consequences. There is an inner joy I have yet to explain. An unspoken love. I wish more people would try to think about what it is like to be in someone else's shoes first. Maybe they would say something nice instead of thinking the worst. All these years and still searching for answers. Not a bad thing if I am half right and half wrong. I am halfway there. I can at least admit that I am not perfect. We all make mistakes. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. How wonderful the world can be when we share and care. Have a beautiful morning.

greg cain from Moscow, Idaho, USA on January 13, 2021:

My mom used to say that last piece to me—if my head wasn’t attached I’d lose it. This is so right on, captures the weird world we are living in today where the little black boxes in our hands dominate our every waking moment, become our source of interaction, lead to inability to share common decency. Maybe you’re right...maybe it’ll get better after a good night’s sleep.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 13, 2021:

Dream On, yes, the world has changed a lot. Respecting elders, in many cases, seems a thing of the past sadly, as is trying to repair or recycle anything that is broken. I can relate to what you say about your childhood. Mine was the same. All we can do is try to set an example, whether anyone takes notice is another matter.

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