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Feel like Giving Up

Push Ahead


Keep Trying

Sometimes I feel like giving up

Throw in the towel

Wrap-up the blanket

Roll over and simply give up

Giving up is not just a thought

It is a feeling

A strong, deep complex feeling

But I can't give up

I can't throw in the Towels

Or wrap-up the blanket

I have to get up

Stand up and never give up

I have to keep trying

Keep going

There is no giving up

I will push, I will persevere

I will start over and try again

I will turn my weaknesses into strength

I am more than I perceive

I am stronger than it seems

I can make it

If I focus and not be distracted

If I push the inner me

To achieve the unaccomplished

I will strive to achieve

I will push to accomplish

I will rise and not be defeated

I will stand and never give up

© 2017 blessedp

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