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Fearlessly Journey And Fight On.


Like a wounded soldier in the battle field,

Fight on for tomorrow won't be long,

Let your heart not tire today,

For freedom fighters,never quit the fight.

Like a lion they will bravely roar,

In times of need and dependent's right

And fight so hard to their victory bore.

Like a little sparrow in the feeding fields,

Fight on for tomorrow won't be long,

When there's too little to feed its needs,

Fight on in the dry fields, Let it be your song

And hope there will be plenty of seeds,

To satisfy you soon when it yields.

When the setting sun may shatter your hopes,

Fight on! for tomorrow won't be long,

For darkness will come to pass,

And the bright sunrise will be home soon,

And your heart sings melodious song.

To those in their fruitless search of a baby,

Fight on for tomorrow won't be long,

When hope will Wash all your tears away,

For the lose never gone in adoption,

And the heart will be filled with joy,

Of a bouncing baby brought to life.

And the laughter of love to live again.

A hopeless situation maybe what you have,

Fight on for tomorrow won't be long,

And all hopes will be waiting for you.

For the reward will be countless times,

So plentiful will your joy of life be.

© 2020 Millicent Okello

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