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Fearless Hearts

How many times will we have to talk
Before we have it figured out
We are nervous at the right times
Then we became music played without doubt

We developed our own sound
There was still time for us to believe
If it’s never before it’s going to be uneasy
You will want to come back soon after you leave

I wonder if we can imagine the greatness of love
I know we can because we linger on its edges
If it’s art then don’t be afraid to try
Write a book even if we rip out all the pages

My hair’s not long, my skin untanned
But I’m walking on the beach in my mind
Those things are not why you came to me
We met where souls go for something to find

We’re going to say how we feel about life
Even if we think it’s near the end for each of us
There is no point in pretending we’re ok
We’re not here because of money or a lack of trust

How many times did you want to take it back
Our weaknesses are the why of loving so deeply
That is what I want to know about you now
And not the strength you want to prove to me

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