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Writing is a cathartic process in which I find my voice in different facets of each poem. Poetry, is a unique discourse of reflections


This is a tale of
A woman on a mission
Brave or foolish
Her decision
Entered a house deserted
She didn’t heed the
Warning signs and continued

Creeping across the floor
Looking to explore
Searching behind invisible doors
Screeching noises
Banshees wailing
Hair emerging
on the
Back of her neck
Spine tingling beckoning
Seek you don’t want
To find what’s waiting

Glass shatters is she alone
Is there an unknown entity?
Watching from across
The room
Laughter erupts pure evil

Deranged mind
Hideous sound
Sane or insanity?
Head spinning
Three hundred sixty degrees
Room tilting
Walls vibrating
Floor cracking
Ceiling crying dripping blood

Visions of creepy things
Soulless eyes staring penetrating
Skeletal finger pointing
Coming closer

She’s backing away further
Turning to run
And stumble
Is she in a movie?
Try to get up again
Caught in quicksand
Being pulled down
What now?
Don’t they always kill
Off the pretty ones?

Where’s her hero
To liberate his young lady
in peril
Deserted her instead
Leaving her to
Fend for herself
What a zero
She’s strong in the end
She’ll win the battle
Between good and evil
Fear is only in your head
In your head
In your head
In your head


© 2022 ek ellis

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