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Fear of Wealth

Wealth 1-4

There’ve been times in my life
When the thing that I feared came upon me
In all my years of searching for wealth
And hoping that the next program
Would be the one to make me rich
Today I see a new light
The thing that I fear will come upon me.

If you leave the house in fear
Of a flat tire or no gas
Guess what happens?
If you plan on having a quiet evening
But you’re pretty sure people will start knocking
And you won’t have a quiet evening alone
You know what happens?

If you’re positive that every time you lay down
To take a quick day time nap
The phone is going to start ringing
Guess what? You’re right.
So the point is
That everything I fear
Is going to come upon me

What would happen
If I fear wealth?
Rather than chasing it
Or hoping to find it
Might I one day become wealthy
Just because I feared it


Wealth 5-8

So how would I live in fear
Of becoming rich?
It’s also said that
The thing you keep track of increases
I feared my bank account
Would be overdrawn
It was

So how would you change your thinking
And concentrate on making deposits
Rather than watching the balance?
Could you just ignore the balance
And only track deposits
Seems impossible to me
The question arises again

How do I fear wealth?
I could fear all the people
That will be asking for loans
I could fear all the creditors
That will come out of the woodwork
But if I fear them
They will increase -right?

I could fear being unable
To manage lots of money
I could fear
There are not enough spaces
In the check register
To input all the digits
In doing so they will increase

Wealth 9-10

I could fear not being able
To choose the right charities
I could fear being robed or cheated
These wouldn’t matter
Because there would be
Plenty more money
To work with

I could fear not spending it
For the right things
I could fear developing a
Holier than thou attitude
Could I handle
Having millions of dollars?
I will now develop a fear of wealth

© 2018 Gracie L Sprouse

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