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Fear is an Entity

Pearly loves reading poems of Edgar Allan Poe to Lewis Caroll and that moved her to write poems also.


Shine! For you're not a coward

Fight! Because you're a warrior

Stand! You are strong!

And conquer! Because you are powerful.

Deep inside lurks our own demons

Swallowing the life that we have

Chasing us until we can't breath

And the same scenario goes over and over again.

This constant tremors is a suicide

Killing softly, as if languidly stabbing us

All hopes are wilting one by one

What we could just do is scream for it to stop.

Fear is an entity

Powerful, controlling our body and soul

Yet why let it take over,

When there's a way to save you?

Shine, because you're not a coward

You very well know that

That you have that fighting spirit

Every challenges, you can beat.

Fight, you are a warrior

To slash those ugly nightmares

To crumple the old you who was afraid

To guard and keep what you are fighting for.

Stand, because you are strong

Towering again after so many challenges

Learn how to keep yourself upright

You should not be limping, stand up.

Conquer, because you are powerful!

Because you can shine, fight and stand

You are capable bringing the real you

To stop those who are chasing you.

You are a sunshine

Just dulled by the voices drowning you

Aiming to tackle you down

But you got all the power to throw them out.


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