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Fear Is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy--a Psychological Poem

A retired lawyer, I'm fascinated by words, nuances of meanings & ideas. I’ve always enjoyed reading, languages, & writing, including poetry

The Fight-or-Flight Instinct Which Arises From Fear Will Often Serve to Protect You From Harm

But sometimes you can talk yourself into being fearful unnecessarily.

When this happens, it can hamper you rather than protect you.

Dark Shadows in a Deserted Street at Night

If You Feel Anxious or Afraid, the Lyrics of This Poem Might Help You to View Things Differently:

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

When you’re feeling fearful,

What is it that you fear?

The greatest fear of all, you see,

Is fear itself, my dear.

When you’re in the park at night,

It’s not the dark you fear -

It’s people creeping up on you

And sounds you think you hear.

When you’re at a party

And feeling rather shy,

And fear what people think of you,

Just ask the question “why”?

They’re only friends you do not know –

Quite friendly you will find;

Just be your usual self and smile

And say what’s on your mind.

If fear of failure dogs you,

Just call it something else -

“Experience” or “first attempt”

To build emotional wealth.

Remember babies falling down

Is how they learn to walk,

And if they didn’t try new sounds,

They’d never learn to talk.

So if you’re feeling anxious

And can’t get out of bed,

Recall the words you're hearing now

And knock fear on the head,

Just question what it is you fear

And kill your fear stone dead.

Diana Grant 17 June 2012

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Post Script

I just wanted to tell you that, since publishing this piece, I went to a community concert with musicians, singers and poets, to perform my poetry. Not long after it had started, a choir of singers marched into the hall, singing as they came through the front door, smiling and distributing flowers. Then, when they had all lined up, they started singing my song, Fear is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. I had only told the choir leader, my friend, about it, and was taken completely by surprise to hear it performed so soon after I had written it - I was so thrilled.

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© 2012 Diana Grant

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