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Fear and Anger

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Get out! The year ol' winds passes by

she hugs herself tonight, darkness consumes her heart

she yells, where's my time!

Oh dear love, can you tell my art?

The dark room she stays in grows smaller

A tall figure looms over

she clutches her pillow

She seeks to be in a green meadow

Opened her eyes, she laughs and grins widely

Walks diagonally, we are, we are goners in this tub of water!

Hide and I shall seek

The lightnings booming, she is shivering

The doors creaking, are you saving?

The silver edge glows and the steps are ear-splitting

Oh my! what an adorable hopeless animal

Furniture cracks and burns

The room lit up and red dancers danced

The black room turned black

She yells and frails but fell on deaf ears

The shivering girl's eyes cleared

and the silver edge lost its glow

the cheers has gone down,

no little droplets of water only fear

the neighborhood 65

street chrysanthemums

house number 32

ashes fly to the sky

bid farewell to the girl

that was never known

up in the high she smiles

© 2020 Nafisa

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