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Fear Comes Home

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.



The wicked souls of evil humans possess these homes

Whispering evil in fathers ears, now inside the bottle is his zone

Families breaking apart, loved ones being haunted

Wicked spirits rejoice as another soul is being taunted

Fear stinks in all the rooms, it is a part of them now

Even the priest has no power there, the entity knew his little secret somehow

Upside down crosses and statues of Christ that bleed

As the devil opens his arms wide and wait for a soul to be received

Holy water wasted, it’s best to simply pour yourself a glass of booze

Creepy dolls cry, chuckles from ghost and ghouls

Delusions and illusions, masters of mayhem

Prayers without wings fall before reaching the heaven right after an Amen

With Spirit warriors, Shamans and many more

Dybbuk boxes opened, the insidious escapes rotting the possessed to the core

Saint Michael the archangel trembles at the power of this fear

Legion, This legion is devious, evilous, lacks pity, compassion or care

Don’t look them in the eye, they will drag you to hell

Don’t be caught up with their light, they were in heaven, but they have fell

Don’t be afraid, they feed off your fears

They will destroy your family just to lick your tears

Their lips are sweet of lies

Hell is sure, when they promise you paradise

They are not of this realm, they only come to bring distress

They bring pins and needles to pierce deep inside your flesh

Bones piled in boxes, the basement is their grave

Succubus wrapped over your shoulders, bending your knees to the pave

Lucifer claps and his demons sing praises to his name

As more souls given to be added to his everlasting flame

Consistent knocks, scratches and scrapes, all piled up at the front door

Fear has come home angry, hungry and needs to be fed a few more souls

I am damned, of this curse I simply cannot escape

Now take me home to my master the serpentine, the slithering snake.

© 2017 Clive Williams

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