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Father and Daughter: Two Contradictory Ships Passing in the Night

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Here was a love story that usually conquered all

Not in the traditional sense for obvious reasons

A little too daytime television if it went the other direction

Let's get back to the true message at hand

Before this story becomes another type of debate entirely

This was about two people who loved each other

Shared DNA and saw each other every weekend

That's right a child visiting their parents after the work week

Might seem a little too close for comfort, but it worked overall

Boiling this down to brass tacks between a girl and her father

Relationships between the two can a little bit like playing politics

Complicated at best when both parties disagreed

Stamping their feet down and digging their heels

Into the dirt as they were pulled in opposing directions

Might sound like two stubborn lieutenants looking to become general

Strong and forceful personalities who know what they wanted

Wouldn't budge any other way than by pure unadulterated force

Sometimes needed a détente for disagreements out of a Seinfeld episode

Always made each other laugh and managed to be on a unique wavelength

Wasn't all about battles against each other and destroying from the inside

Stood by each other whenever the chips were down and out

Ready to go to battle with anyone who insulted either one of them

Rolling up the sleeves and ready to trip the supposed aggressor

Loved to poke, prod and tease each other ceaselessly

Especially when the other was too annoyed to do so in return

Liked to watch similar shows about DIY projects and their colorful hosts

Ready to come to a new form of understanding

Even if it meant sometimes admitting one particular side was wrong

A rarity but it did seem to happen now and again

No matter what happened that particular bond will never be broken

Despite how many times they drive each other batty.

Sometimes blood is definitely thicker than water.

Sometimes blood is definitely thicker than water.