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Father As We Come Before Your Presence

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A humble soul that loves the Lord. He is awesome and an on time God. His mercies are renewed each day.


Prayer of the Righteous

Lord God of Heaven

How excellent His your name in All the Earth

You are the Most High God

Your love is from everlasting to everlasting

Your mercies endures forever and ever

Father we thank you for your Grace

Thank you for being our Provider

Our Deliverer, our Way Maker, our Rock

Our Comfort, our Strength, Our All and All

Who can stand before you Lord

Who can fathom your thoughts and your ways

As we humble ourselves in your presence

We honor you for your blessings towards us

We are not worthy dear God of your love

Cleanse us from secret faults

And make us whole again

Lord! Remember the needy

The homeless, the widow/er, the orphan

The sick and the lost souls

Touch the hearts of your people

To reach out a lending hand

Let your blood cover your children

And the spirit of the Lord have His way

In our lives everyday

Now and always we pray


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