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Fate's Lamentation

I believe we recreate our pasts and futures many times by pulling them in from dreams


Is the trick to eliminate
the lamenting of fate?
I don't want to build a new world
But for a day to bring the sublime
Into a mundane state of mind
This is the idea that tempts me
To drown in living waters
And dance the never ending beat
of the trained heart
Not to blacken or ever stop
Because it beats for you
Keep teaching me about love
I've placed you at the center
Outwards my steps like a giro
Have you placed above
Awkward I know, but I still
Today, call you, "hero"
It's said two people can meet
Two paths, two homes
I see you in the future, walking
I'll meet you again
When the timing is right
And I'm laid in stone
Soldier, sword at your side
Forever, I'm coming
Cast off my pride
Bury me low, I'm coming home