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I love poems and creative work especially fictional based content.


For weeks I fought myself,

Contemplating how to let go of you,

My thoughts kept racing back,

To memories we made together,

The urge to reach out to you,

The craving for your touch,

How hard can it be to restrain oneself?

Time caved my resilience,

I reached out impulsively,


I had learnt to stop loving you,

I still felt the need to have you,

You made it clear, your priorities were not me,

You played the hard to get card,

But what you didn't know,

Is I know how to play it better.

Before I saw you again,

I thought to myself,

Shall I drown my soul,

In the misery of having you,

But you not being mine,

Indecisively I decided,

That the medicine to fire is fire,

So I chose to indulge you.

It's now hours since I met you,

I neither feel mad, nor sad,

I feel crystal, like I know now,

I finally get you,

I know what to do,

And I choose to do it,

To find my people, my energy,

To not trade the wavelength am on,

For a breadcrumb of your time,

You are not my people, love.

© 2022 Matilda Mumbua