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Farewell to the Great Memories

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Everything in the world must say farewell and it is sad. We must remember that nothing remains forever

Days passed by somehow, but
Nights were a wagon of pain
Nothing to be remembered, because
It was just like a nightmare,
But it might heal with time

All these days you were there
Standing by me within the reach
Within just minutes suddenly saw
You were saying goodbye to me

I hoped you get up and leave
May not mean that much to you
But to it was everything
More than a friend, more than a love

You were my heart and all above
Once you were mine and I was yours
The time we gazed upon each other and
Wished to chase the wind and touch the sky

The clouds teased us by showering rain
We walked forth in perfect rhythm
We travelled a lot with our hands held
But we never got a chance to complete

We never finished the sentences
Still you said farewell to our moments
You said a goodbye to me so quickly
Leaving a burden of memories with me

I remember the words you said
"I never leave you to be alone"
Your words faded swiftly
Like the raindrop hitting the ground

I searched for you everywhere on earth
Moon was the only witness to my tears
We had our best time, but now its worst
The wind became the storm

The memories are breaking the light
Pulling me to the darkness
Tearing me apart where
I stand all alone

My darkest memory is more visible
In the deepest of the darkness
But now I should give up staying in the dark
I have all your strength and I know it

One day we shall meet in paradise up above
Share all our great occasions from beginning
You are always in my heart, so close to me
Now its time to say farewell and continue
Don't forget me because I am always with you

© 2021 Foolishspy