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Farewell to Fear

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I love to write poems and I enjoy everything that's poetic because poetry is always soothing and perfect for the soul.



Never Fear the Fear

In fear and in reproach

Faced with this

threatening, sad and ugly world ,

Today more than yesterday

In fear and waiting

For joyful tomorrows

Of funny princesses

And happy elves

In fear and on borrowed time

Close to the precipice

Ready to leave the life

Far from all injustice

In fear and in hope

Of laughter and friendship

Of love when the evening comes

And the day, of beauty

In fear and in prison

Locked in my world

Far from all reason

And counting the seconds

In fear and jealousy

Of those who love each other

Of those who want

To those who are serene

In fear but well alive

And suddenly the silence

Takes precedence over the noise

And flies away luck

In fear and as

time ticks away

We only see the walls

We only see the pain

Fear, sad power

eats away us and chains us

Nibbles our heart

Or fills it with hatred

So, fear, farewell!

Go away, bad omen!

Today I'm better

and I'm going on a trip

© 2021 Zeenat

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