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Farewell My Friend

In our time of warm hugs

We used to play in long grass

With your little feet and hands

You'd courage to hold my hands.

You make me think and wonder

how a perfect creation you are,

In all your thoughts and deed

In all the worlds where you head.

I am the one unfortunate child

Who can melt noone's heart,

How can you find love in Me

Where all eyes were failed to see.

We have passed our cold winter

But We've done it all together,

Now wrapped in all colors of spring

Still I fear of What it will bring.

I'd a time where All I had is you

But now Life is parting us intoTwo

Leaving me alone where None cares

Where My dreams turn to nightmares.

Hovering all over empty places

more darker and colder than space,

Trying hard to get all things figured

Yet All my questions are unanswered.

We ar'nt born from same mother
But you've become more of a brother,

I can't farewell you my friend

As you live in my breath till the end.