Fantastic Rhymes

Updated on October 23, 2017


Fantastic Four

The Thing

REED RICHARDS is one of the nation's smartest.
Wanted to prove that it is still cosmic.
Cosmic energy in space.
So he asked an old classmate.
VICTOR VON DOOM to allow him access.
To his space station to test.
Doom grants it in exchange.
For all to be in his name.
He wanted control of the experiment.
& the majority of the profits.
All come together and are traveling,
To observe Cosmic energy Clouds.
A miscalculation causes the clouds.
Causes the clouds to expand ahead of time.
The Cosmic clouds were exposed to them.
That cloud all transformed them.
They were given insane powers.
They got home and bloomed like a flower.
Meanwhile, Von Doom is hearing it.
Facing backlash for the incident.
While a scar on his face reveals.
The cloud reaches him when he thought the shield.
He thought the shield will protect him.
But the cloud transformed him.
Into an electro supervillain.
His arm became organic.
Organic metal. Giving him strength.
He started plotting revenge to get.
Get his company back. He killed his board.
While media dubs the FANTASTIC FOUR.
They saved the lives on a Brooklyn bridge.
Became highly know for what they did.
Making the Baxter building be their base.
While reed seeks for a way.
A way to return Grimm to normal.
Von Doom offered support for reeds trouble.
Reed tells the group that he can recreate.
Recreate the storm so that he could make.
Make them normal but Von Doom.
Changes himself to doctor doom.
Tutoring Reed and the other two.
Grimm to revert to his true.
His true form. He reverts back.
& stops Docter doom's attack.

Loan Gruffudd
Reed Richards
Micheal Chicklis
Ben Grimm/The Thing
Julian McMahon
Von Doom/Doctor Doom
Jessica Alba
Sue Storm/The Invisible woman
Chris Evans
Johnny Storm/Human Tourch

Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer


Reed and Sue are having their wedding.
While a silver surfer is flying.
Causing a blackout in the city.
As it goes by it mutates Johnny.
Johnny catches up with the surfer.
but cannot apprehend the surfer.
Johnny barely escapes the surfer.
Sue and Johnny find that the encounter.
Has allowed him to switch powers.
With everyone that he touches.
The exposure has greatly affected.
Each planet he visits is devoured.
They find the source of his powers.
The surfer encounters Von Doom.
Wanting surfer to join his doom.
The surfer rejects and turns his back.
An angry Doom attacks.
Silver Silver then reacts.
He blasts dumb, but his energy.
Heals Von Doom from his injury.
Doom makes a deal with the military.
Knowing the deal was made already.
Made with Reed Richards.
Doom puts himself in the picture.
Reed develops a pulse generator.
Attempting to separate the surfer.
Separate him from his board.
While doom secretly planes to get the board.
There is success getting him off.
but the military is double-crossed.
Double-crossed by Doom as predicted.
He steals the board and it enhances.
It enhances Von Doom's powers.
Johnny breaks it but the destroyer.
Is still on it's way to their planet.
Silver regains the board and redirects it.

Loan Gruffudd
Reed Richards
Jessica Alba
Sue Storm- Richards
Chris Evans
Jhonny Storm/Human Torch
Micheal Chicklis
The Thing
Laurence Fishburne/Doug Jones
Silver Surfer


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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