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I am a female a prolific writer with muti - talented skills, gifted with the ability to be naturally fluent in intellectual documentations.


Family Pet

Your coat of white fur and green eyes that is bright, appreciating gestures and claws that always hold tight.

The tip of your head is colored with some black and it gives a unique look, like you are wearing a little hat, a story out of a children's book.

The precious purr that you make, the early calls to me to get me awake.

Your long fluffy tail, the playfulness in every day.

The loving way you stay cozy and so close, the cute pink color of your tiny little button nose.

And with the playing of my hand, a sweet gentle nudge that is never a command.

Always lets me know you are ready, for gentle rubs on your head and tummy.

Nestled in my arms like a baby, sitting in the armchair but not lazy.

Your purr your white fur the funny playful ways you go, ever so carefree and sure.

© 2019 The Eloquent Heart Writer

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