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Teenage Attitudes: "Family Mine," a Poem

Words, wordplay, reading, and writing have been favorites of Liz's since early childhood. She enjoys exploring science and science fiction.

Your silence

roars in my brain.

Tuned out---to me;

your empty music; TV blaring,

Its noise; not to hear,

but to insulate.

Your vexed,

"Hush! I-wanna-hear-this-song! Are-you-done-talking-now?!"

Your mindless listening-not to a TV show

silences me.

Your noise

has walled me into

a chasm of silence that screams in my soul.


the distant moon

seems closer.

The moon seemed nearer...

The moon seemed nearer...


This poem came to life almost of its own volition, pre-written, and all I had to do was grab a pencil and scribble it down.

The impetus was just such a scene as described, with my then-teenage daughters, and I was so distraught at not being able to 'get through' to them. I had no recourse but to walk away, lest I do or say something I'd later regret, and so I walked out into the yard, and beheld the full moon. It was when I came back inside that the poem happened.

© 2012 Liz Elias

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