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Family Holiday at the Beach

The cottage on the coast


The Tide Comes In

The little cottage overlooks the sea

This is where the family enjoys their vacation

Children playing in the shallows, clambering over rocks

and in the waves so free.

The tide comes in, leaving the glistening beach

strewn with shells and jelly fish

Beyond the tide and reef

treasures and gold not within reach

Sandcastles are built with vigour

Children waiting for the tide to fill their moats

Seagulls sweep overhead

far out to sea you can see the boats

The sun burns at midday beating down

on the colourful umbrellas

Parents sit enjoying the shade, sipping sodas

Nibbling at their Tortillas

The sun starts to dip, the sky turns a soft red

Kids walk languidly, dragging their towels

A day of fun in the sun, sunburnt and tired

They flop down exhausted, ready for bed.

Dreams of beaches and castles in the sand

Mermaids and galleons

the stories of pirates

from far off lands.

Collage of a cute cottage at the beach


The footprints etched in the sand



Amazing what a holiday at the seaside does for the body and soul. Not to mention all the photographs, to enjoy at a later date. Create a scrapbook for your kids to look at when they get older.

Seashells and Starfish


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