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Familiar Lines


Who are you?

Whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, you see someone so familiar.

Those eyes. They cry some nights. Sometimes it scares you so much you thought the tears will never stop.

Those eyebrows. Thick and unruly. You tried taming them, they wouldn't budge.

Your nose. How many times they flares when you are with someone you don't like? How your nose reacts to your disgust amazes you and makes you also feel dumb.

Your lips. Thick and chapped. You tried coloring it up but always ended feeling you weren't enough.

Your teeth. With the crookedness and imperfections. You hate it.

Your cheeks. Peppered with bumps and marks. How they blushes to kind comments yet you always felt hollow inside.

Your hair. The way it blocks your eyes and makes you feel different.

The face is you, no doubt.

Who are you?

The face staring at me blinked. Everything will be alright.

Who are you?

Someday, maybe I will find out.

© 2020 Old Notebook Poetry