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False Relationships - A Double Feature Poem


I'm a young author taking a break in the world of writing. I have experience writing short stories, books, poetry, and reviews.

False Love

Moving too fast

Don’t know what to do

How did I get into this situation

I don’t have a clue.

One moment to the next

And he was sending a confessional text

Knew nothing about love

Got myself into Foxglove

Our kisses turned into poison

Didn’t know why

Wanted his touch and conversations

But also wanted to say bye

Of course this didn’t last

Everything moved way too fast

My young heart got confused

Instead I caused myself to get bruised

False Hope

If we could stay young forever

This wouldn’t have to end

We wouldn’t need to separate

Instead stay hand in hand

You talk about the future

As if we have one

Reality will hit eventually

We aren’t each other's “ones”

We are incompatible-not a fit

I have my plans, you have yours

For now we don’t have to worry

We are still young

I won’t tell you yet

But eventually… it will have to end

© 2021 EL Doll


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 28, 2021:

Good poems.

We can blind ourselves when it comes to relationships.

We only see what we want to see.

When it ends we realize things we didn't see...the writing was on the wall,

but we are hurt immensely.

Sometimes we know a relationship won't work out, but we hold on because it is great for the moment.

It really isn't fair though...because then the heart will bleed more.

No sense in ignoring what is reality.

That's being selfish for oneself.

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