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False Accusation

False accusation may seem harmless but it is a very dangerous killer because it affects the mind of the victim. Say No To False Accusation.


They called me a witch,
They called me a murderer,
They said I am a curse to humanity,
They accused me of killing my husband.
People avoided me,
People despised me,
My presence irritated them.
I was summoned before our king,
I was ordered to remain silent,
I was declared guilty,
I pleaded to speak but no one was willing to listen,
They withheld my children and banished me,
I could feel my world crashing.

I travelled to the house of my father,
No one welcomed me,
I met fingers pointing at me,
Not even my family believed me.
They spat whenever I passed by,
They gossiped about me,
My own family despised me.
It became unbearable,
No Family, No Children, No Friends.
There was nothing to live for.
I took a knife and went to a quiet corner,
I thought about my family,
I thought about my children,
I raised the knife and my heart began to beat faster,
I stared at the glittering knife and my shaky hands,
I shut my eyes and said a short prayer to God,
Then I dug the sharp knife into my abdomen.
I collapsed and lay quietly in a pool of my blood,
Mother saw me and rushed towards me,
She knelt beside me but I ignored her,
She pleaded for forgiveness but it was already late,
My mind was made up never to forgive anybody,
Thoughts of my children made me shed tears.
Gradually, my eyes closed in death.


© 2020 Xmith Literature