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Falling into Feelings


Feelings Freestyle

I'm sick of crying & hiding underneath this smile of mine. I need to speak the truth before I end up running out of time.

You think I'm happy, but I'm frontin' , trying to find a reason to smile without lying.This world feels like its cavin in, can't breathe, I'm dying.

Everyone believes I'm fine when I'm not. I'm pissed off at the whole fuckin' world, trying to take what I got.

I'm just pissed off at myself for wearing my heart on my sleeve. Why is everyone I love seem to want to turn around, run & leave.

I question, is it me?

Am I doing something wrong? Cause all I do is love, I love so fuckin strong.

I rather take a cut, a bump, a break, than a emotional beat down. Some people who are lost just wanna be found.

I'm sick of all this bullshit that just keeps coming. Can't handle the pressure, I'm about to start running.

I'm just becoming cold & numb. All these ignorant motherfuckers are draining, y'all making me dumb.

Maybe I should be done? Hell, I should just become a nun. I'll just give myself to Jesus, hoping he'll find my happiness, but honestly does that even exist?

The way my life has been going, Jesus would probably end up making me his bitch. I need to just stand alone, I don't need no snitch.

I got to follow my own path, & realize good things take time. I mean I finally found a good man, & yes he's actually mine.

& even though people leave, I got the greatest gift of all. She calls me mommy & she looks like a cute babydoll.

I fight everyday... 1 on 1 war, but I won't always be at the bottom, one day I will sore.

© 2021 Cassie Lynn