Falling Too Fast

Updated on March 1, 2018

I'm falling too hard and I'm falling too fast.

God, I keep telling myself this won't last.

It snuck up on me so suddenly.

Why does this have to happen to me?

Why do the good things come at the wrong times?

Why do the clouds have to cover my sun?

Good times are always shrouded by bad times.

Now I know that my pain's just begun.

You're wonderful and beautiful and special and kind.

I just can't believe this – it's blowing my mind.

I never thought it could happen so fast.

So what does it mean? Does it mean we would last?

I wish that we could and I wish it were true.

I wish it were good that I'm falling for you.

But it's not and we won't and we can't, don't you see?

Why do these things always happen to me?

You're honest and open and caring and true.

I hope that you realize I've fallen for you.

I'll try to ignore the worry and dread.

I'll look at the present and not up ahead.

We'll laugh and we'll smile and we'll dance and we'll play.

We'll have a good time in spite of that day.

© 2018 Angela Tagliamonte


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    • Virginia Lea profile image

      Virginia Davis 2 weeks ago from Navarre, Florida

      I understand this, I was once there. Now I am searching for self love until my soulmate is presented to me. If not then I will still be happy by myself.