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Falling Into the Horizon, off Into the Sea

I live by the sea not far from Mexico. The Gulf breezes bring in the warmth of dreams as I sail into the distant line of forever and never

North Padre Island

North Padre Island

Falling Into Horizon

Left is the land
Of the damned and the blessed
Enter me now the Tropics of Capricorn
The sounds of Great Tailed Grackles and Gulls
Bursting up on Mexico's breezes
Dashing down on plumbagos' bright blues
Sipping up hibiscus' phosphorescence
Dripping down like butterscotch taffy,
Salted is the night I breathe.

Sweet clams wait for the next wave
I once used to wade
The last palmetto fell to the horizon
Gone is the agave nectar
I used to drink
Agave tequilana, carry me
Break these bulwarks I'm rolling
Onward to the next horizon
Into the azure-green.

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