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Falling From Heaven, a Poem

John is a Christian but feels that all religions have both positives and negatives. He prefers to live by his own code of ethics.

Falling From Heaven

No matter what I do or say

Someone else will find a way

To turn each paragraph around

And run my words into the ground.

So, even though the thought is there

I turn my head up in despair,

For my attempts to do what's right

Still have the clout to cause a fight.

Repentance is a funny thing,

How long is a piece of string?

Ask forgiveness for your sins,

Embrace the good and love within.

Forgive your past mistakes but learn,

Or along the road to Hell, you'll turn.

These feelings that I know are real

Keep me on an even keel.

Don't take misfortune lying down,

Stand up tall and take a bow.

Be truthful, kind, and show goodwill,

You'll always scale the highest hill.

Resist who tries to pull you down,

They're just a bunch of Satan's clowns.

For you are stronger than your foes,

Their efforts wasted trading blows.

Strive to be the best you can,

Girl or boy, woman or man.

We only get one chance at life

So, try avoiding war and strife.

But, even when we've done good deeds,

Cared for others' basic needs,

Reached the age four score and seven,

It's not too late to fall from Heaven.

© 2019 John Hansen

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