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Falling, Falling Into a Black Hole

Terrie is a mother and her love of writing poetry, music, and quotes have led her back, to explore more of her creative side.

From the first time I saw you I knew, my world would revolve around you.

Your blue eyes captured my heart, you had me from the start.

As you grew, so did the love in my heart.

My precious child, beautiful and wild.

What has become of your life?

Falling, falling out of control.

A black hole has consumed you.

So many secrets you hold, as you grow old.

My heart was aching, yours was breaking.

It's become the fight of my life, you just couldn't fight.

I couldn't reach you, I tried to teach you.

Spiraling down, down into the hole.

Life was taking a toll.

I am sorry, this is your life.

Mom is there and will always care.

Come back into the world.

My beautiful, amazing girl.

Take my hand, reach up, take a chance.

The black hole has consumed your life.

Look to the light and come out of the night.

Please prepare for the fight of your life.

You can always learn a new dance.

The black hole will be gone in a blast.

Give your life another chance.

Falling out of control.

Falling out of control.

I Reach Out to You

Sadness and grief, of life incomplete.

Your mind is not your own.

Please take my hand, I'll help you stand.

From morning to night, you're on my mind.

Reaching, grasping through the fog I am gasping.

My love is everlasting, It is there for the asking.

Reach out, reach up, just a touch and your out.

I'll give you my strength and breathe my last breath.

If it meant you were safe again, I'll fight for you till the end.

The black hole you're in is not your friend.

Come back home, you're not alone.

Together again our hearts can mend.

I stretch out my hand, I know you can.

My dear girl, let love guide you.

Climb out of the hole, It could save your soul.

I reach out, please take my hand.

Your life can start again.


© 2017 Terrie Lynn

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