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Falling Apart (Nature)

Falling Apart

The wolf howls to the midnight moon

Mother Nature sends out the great monsoon

People listen as the other one speaks

The stags drink water down by the creeks

The rabbits nibble on nice red flowers

Down in the rainforest it’s given some showers

Up in the mountains a small bear cub is born

The farmers are on the land growing sweet corn

The living get their energy from the sun

And the world goes silent when they hear a gun

Machines come along chopping down trees

A new home is needed for the honey bees

The bad people are coming

Do you hear that loud drumming?

The world is coming apart as we fret

People are coming with a big threat

The world is cracking and falling apart

Hurry up and away we dart

We must find a safe place to stay the night

Birds and crows must take to flight

Look listen do you hear that sound

Everything is shaking all around

Is this what it will be like?

Will people always take that strike?

We have no safe place to go

Look do you see that it’s starting to snow?

They’re leaving the forest do you see?

All the animals are finally free

Let’s celebrate let’s feast

For the land has taken the foul beast

The land has lost its final riot

The world is finally quiet