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Fallen, Not to Be Forgotten

Oluwatobiloba is an undergraduate of the University of Lagos,Nigeria and a lover of poetry.

Fallen not to be forgotten

Oh! This notorious Kanuri homestead,
Gallant soldiers, brave soldiers!
Murdered in cold blood,
Forced to death's frigid embrace.

Offshoots of commoners,
Whose death sting no baron,
As they look on with concerned neglect.
It seems like the earth is blood-thirsty,

But when have you found it opening its mouth,
And clattering its teeth to devour men?
Even arms do not kill people,
People kill people!

And our dead are never dead to us,
Until we forget them.
Indeed, neither flood nor rain,
Fire nor wind,

Birth nor death,
Should erase your brave deeds from our heart,
As they should be etched with scarlet ink,
On the sheets of our ungrateful hearts.


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