Fallen Rhymes

Updated on October 17, 2017

Olympus has fallen

Back on the Job

Former Army Ranger Mike Banning.
Has a job now protecting.
Protecting U.S president BEN ASHER.
Along with his wife and son Conner.
During a snowy Christmas evening drive.
The car spins on the road and slides.
Slides on the edge of a bridge.
The wife ends up dying while asher lives.
Years later, Banning is demoted.
Working in a different department.
The white house is attacked by Terrorists.
The terrorists happen to be Korean.
The Leader works for the Korean service.
KANG and has the president.
Holding hostage the president in a bunker.
While executing South Korea's prime minister.
Kang is using Asher as leverage.
So officials withdraw U.S forces.
Withdraw forces from the Korean Peninsula.
To remove opposition for North Korea.
To keep them from invading South Korea.
In addition, he seeks to destroy.
The United States Nuclear toys.
By detonating them in their respective country.
Looking to get revenge for his slain family.
To accomplish this he wants the codes to Cerberus.
Held by 3 hostages who won't give them up.
As Kang and his forces continue.
Banning enters in and pursues.
Pursues to get the President.
But gets his son Connor before.
While ALLAN TRUMBULL acts as president.
Since the Head and Vice are held, hostage.
He is next in line, calling the shots.
Giving Banning 30 minutes to take the last shot.
Banning and Kang stand face to face.
A fight breaks out but Banning takes.
He kills Kang like he said he would.
He Saves the president and gets his job back for good.

Aaron Echart
President Ben Asher
Gerald Butler
Mike Banning
Morgan Freeman
Alan Trumbell
Rick Yung

London has fallen

End of fate

Intelligence services track down.
AAMIR BAKARWI for bringing down.
For bringing down places around the world.
Giving Terrorist strategies make it work.
So they make his family suffer.
Two Years later, he begins his revenge.
He organizes it starting with James Wilson.
Wilson suddenly dies, and arrangements are made.
The world leaders were headed to the UK.
So Banning and Ashe prepares to leave.
Ready for the trip, to go overseas.
Once they arrive in London.
The presidential fleet is waiting.
They get to St.Pauls cathedral.
& see the people show.
Showing their respect to James Wilson.
But Banning feels that something is brewing.
Smoothly, everything was going.
but he was was right, when they started attacking.
The attacks were well coordinated.
The terrorists were dressed as policemen.
The president's detail survived the attack.
They escaped, but the terrorists tracked.
Tracked their every move. Even while on the chopper.
It was shot down moments after.
but Banning and Asher survived.
but Lynn Jacobs dies.
Before it, Banning promised.
That he will find out who did this
Banning and Asher goes underground.
While Barkawi reveals that he's still around.
He takes responsibility for the attacks.
He admits that he caused, James Wilson's death.
Barkawi knows that Asher is around.
He wants to find him and take him down.
But wants the world to see it live.
Having his nephews try but Banning takes their lives.
Meanwhile, Trumble coordinates.
A strategy that will forever end the fate.
End the fate of Barkawi.
They find him and put an end to his story.

Aaron Eckhart
President Ben Asher
Gerald Butler
Mike Banning
Morgan Freeman
Allan Trumbell
Alon Moni Aboutboul
Aamari Bakari

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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