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Fallen Rhymes

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Olympus RHYMES

Former Army Ranger Mike Banning.
Has a found a job that's protecting.

Protecting United States president.
& seems to love it.

President BEN ASHER.
He's with his wife and son Conner.

But a snowy, Christmas night.
Showed that something just wasn't right.

A sudden crash confirmed it.
The car slid on the road before dangling.

Dangling over a bridge.
Banning makes sure asher lives.

But his wife wasn't so fortunate.
She succumed in the accident.

For months, Asher regret it.
It hurt so bad he demoted.

Banning went to another department.
Numerous time's he have stated.

That he desires another chance
But that changed in just a moment.

The Korean president meets asher.
With Kang protecting his leader.

As they sit alongside in the whitehouse.
They recieve an alert that forces them out.

It's a sudden attack by terroists.
Not many are aware of their religion.

But Banning suspects who it is.
When the U.S president lies within.

Lies within a secret bunker.
Not knowing that he's lying under.

Under the korean secret service.
Someone apart of his on service.

Gave the koreans the access.
So Banning does what he knows best.

He has the chance that he desired.
He heads toward president Asher.

He has no clue where he is.
Olympus looks to have fallen.

He's held hostage in a bunker.
A video shows who's the leader.

Kang, he kills the his own.
& takes full control.

Kang is using Asher as leverage.
So officials withdraw U.S forces.

So the president stays alive.
Kang now looks to find.

To find the presidents son.
But Banning's strives to make sure it's not done.

Kang seeks to destroy.
The United States Nuclear toys.

Detonating them their country.
Avenging his slain family.

He wants the codes to Cerberus.
Hostages refuse to give it.

As Kang and his forces continue.
Banning also still pursues.

Pursues to get the President.
But gets his son Connor before it.

Since the Head and Vice are held hostage.
Alan Trumbell acts as the president.

He's calling all of the shots.
Banning aims to take the last shot.

Banning and Kang are face to face.
It's a fight but Banning takes.

He takes Asher and kills Kang.
& the whitehouse has been regained.



Olympus has risen again.
They have saved the president.

Banning has earned his job back.
Aware that another attack.

Another attack maybe brewing.
The land of the brave has enemies.

In a country across the seas.
There is an attack at a wedding.

That kills terroists family.
So the terrorist devolpes a strategy.

In 2 yrs the time has arrived.
The terrorists takes back many lives.

The terrorist is tracked down.
It is one that has been around.

His name is AAMIR BAKARWI.
He's a mastermind for causing many.

Catastrophic events around the world.
Now he helps others make it work.

But he wants revenge.
He wants leaders to pay for what they did.

He starts with James Wilson.
He dies and they make arrangements.

Arrangements for his funeral.
& all world leaders will show.

So Banning and Ashe prepares to leave.
They're ready to go overseas.

But because it was so sudden.
They must move with caution.

Once they arrive in London.
The presidential fleet is waiting.

They get to St.Pauls cathedral.
& the rest of the leaders show.

Showing their respect to James Wilson.
Banning feels that something is brewing.

Smoothly, everything was going.
But the death, it came suddenly.

There were numerous explosions.
That triggered Banning protecting.

Protecting the president.
The attacks were well coordinated.

The terrorist were policemen.
The president's detail survived it.

The entire funeral was a trap.
They escaped but were being tracked.

Asher's detail was on the chopper.
That was shot down moments after.

Banning and Asher survived.
but Lynn Jacobs dies.

Before it, Banning promised.
That he will find out who did this.

Banning and Asher goes underground.
While Barkawi reveals that he's still around.

He takes responsibility for the attacks.
He admits that he caused Wilson's death.

Barkawi knows that Asher is around.
He wants to find him and take him down.

But wants the world to see it live.
He has his nephews give it a try.

Instead, Banning kills them all.
Barkawi's plan starts to fall.

But Alan Trumble coordinates.
A strategy that ended his fate.

London surely was falling.
But in the end, it started rising.



It’s been year’s, ashers out.
Trumbell has taken the route.

The route to the oval office.
But his staff us giving him reason.

Reason to be skeptical.
The public knows what they shouldn’t know.

Someone’s leaking the information.
& he’d get to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, his security team.
Needs a face to lead.

Banner has proven he could do it.
But taking the job, he’s reluctant.

The skillset is still the same.
They are sharp, he’s just aged.

When he witnessed the president.
Be nearly assassinated.

He arose to the occasion.
To save him and the nation.

Trumbell was in a coma.
& Banner was in danger.

Banner was on the run.
During it, he found the one.

The one man than ran out.
When he was young and in doubt.

That man is his father.
Who helped his son out of danger.

Trumbell survived the attack.
Banner won the nation back.

Trumbell discovered the leaker.
Banner took the job as director.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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