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Fallen Flowers—Poem

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

Fallen Flowers make you think—-

Fallen Flowers make you think—-

The Thoughts Behind The Poem

It’s quite normal to get attracted by the beautiful flowers, blossoming in the garden. Their beauty, their fragrance, their purity, their very presence is enough to make your day hopeful, happy and joyful.
But, for a change this morning, some fallen flowers attracted my attention, and made me think.
Don’t they look beautiful, even when they have fallen on the ground?
Mother Nature has it’s own way of teaching us, the important lessons of life.

  • To live in the moment with gratitude, and contentment.
  • To fall is a natural process.
  • The old one is replaced by the new.
  • Life is a beautiful gift. Embrace it.
  • End is natural and inevitable. Accept it.
Walking past the fallen flowers, once bloomed with pride

Walking past the fallen flowers, once bloomed with pride

Fallen Flowers: Poem

Fallen and lying there,

Dejected and rejected,

Lifeless, and smile less,

Silly wind, so shameless,

Ah! The Purest Beauty,

The mesmerising fragrance,

The gorgeous colour,

That once was,

All gone now,

Never to return,

Vanished forever,

No one cares

No one loves,

No one touches,

Life is like that,

You are loved,

Till you ’Matter,’

Mortals we are,

Fallen flowers remind,

That end is natural,

That end is inevitable.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Chitrangada Sharan

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