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Fallacy of a Troubled Young Woman

I am a Lawyer, deeply interested in research. I love the environment and would love to be an academic someday. Spontaneity is a hobby.

She was pretty, pure in heart, loving, physically faithful but troubled

She cherished a man but was stuck because of love

She was disappointed many times but had no choice for the sake of love

She suffered within, daily and already lost trust

For long she lost hope that he would change but stayed,

Not for love but for gain, waiting for the right time

Seeking for the man of her dreams she will almost never get.

Tall, dark and handsome with hair over his facial beard line,

Stylishly shaved and shiny, in a mansion free of a woman.

Faithful, loving, accommodating, generous and kind

Is there ever truly, such a man?

She was roped in low self-esteem,

hence, she would never know

If truly there was but must search for him

By taking a step, to grow, mature and live while seeking him.


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