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Fake Patriots


Patriotism is complete hogwash



Even comical

To think that one has to prove they love their country by

Buying a flag

Pledging allegiance daily

Repeatedly singing the national anthem

Bragging about their country’s “greatness”

Is completely absurd

I recall the funeral of Kim Jong II

The crowd crying with a comical intensity

More grief means you loved more


One look and anyone can see the artificiality

Of course, the circumstances are different

Yet the concept remains the same

Patriotism is one person trying to one-up another

To the point in which it becomes comical

I think about my wife

Who I love so dearly

I don’t post pictures of her all over the internet

I don’t wear t-shirts with her face on them

I don’t sing her praises to every stranger I pass on the street

Does this mean I don’t truly love her?

Any rational man would say of course not

However, when it comes to country


Some men beg to differ

I remember the time I was late for my daughter’s soccer game

My wife held me accountable

She reminded me of how important this is to our daughter

I didn’t dare point a finger

Nor did I remind her of her own flaws

I simply owned my mistake and made it up to her

By never being late again

When one holds their homeland accountable

That is an act of love

Yet so many start

Calling them a traitor

Pointing out the flaws of other nations

Instead of fixing the problem

There’s nothing wrong with loving your country

But why must we pretend that love requires a flag?

Why do we pretend that accountability equals treason?

Why do we pretend patriotism isn’t ridiculous?

© 2022 Wolfe Rygaard

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