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Faithful Blackbird and Sweet Princess

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.

Common Blackbird.

Common Blackbird.

Looking aimlessly settling inside The House of Sprite

Easily confusing, moderately swooning her wayward glance.

Star falls when she glares at window’s light

See her smile, her slithering wile, nodded from darkest night.

Princess she became and her love stood by his name

The Rainbow Castle with black cats of ten.

Oh, Lady Lane, gracefully tame a singer from fame.

Catching a vulture’s hoax of dinner then.

But little Jimmy Ben who slept o’er days and again

Stood easy while father flew in summer’s dew.

Princess giggling and fiddling free singing to begin.

Ah, ha. Torn gown going down and crown is shiny new.

Jealousy sliding by slow brook by village mill

Hiding a smirky chide, a sin for him to hide.

She danced easily, breezy down the Broken Hill.

And called Zilda-Beam, unicorn soft to ride.

What love could possess Princess fair and quiet?

Longing for that one long look; a word just spoken.

Why dash her night, oh, Princess—fades to outer night.

Her lover crawls in mires so deep, weeping and broken.

Dear lonely Princess, jesteres sing on silent dance

Taking the young girl and love to mountains brown.

Chasing his kisses, holding her tresses a vision to glance.

And yet, a mellow sonnet gone, a lover now gone.

Old faithful Blackbird, a friend from girly years

You kept her, guarded her, in rainstorms of light.

But you couldn’t tame the shining, dark fears.

Just sitting with Princess—night after eternity’s night.

© 2017 Kenneth Avery