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Reality in Poetry


Faith in Humankind

I don’t write of unrequited love

or wishing on the stars above

I write my feelings as they come

about the pain I try to numb.

Things I’ve done I cannot change

but I can leave the firing range.

The scatter gun I used to fire

to make everything to my desire.

As I try to change the life I led

and get the demons out my head.

It must be done with openness

if I’m to find true happiness.

If I want to learn to love myself

nothings left upon the shelf.

All my failings spread out front

with honesty I must be blunt.

It will not be an easy road

with all this baggage to unload.

The choice is mine, it’s fight or flight

with a lot of help I’ll get it right.

I am travelling in the right direction

I now have those feelings of affection.

I was the one who made me blind

and lost my faith in humankind.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on June 24, 2020:


I shared this one here


Charlie Halliday (author) from Scotland on December 29, 2019:

I am still learning to write poetry never mind music :) Thanks for the comment

Noah G Wood from United States of America on December 29, 2019:

Wow, it sounds pretty catchy with the chords:

Am, C, G, Dm

If I didn't have pneumonia right now I'd make a recording of it, have you ever thought about writing music? I think you'd be really good at it

Charlie Halliday (author) from Scotland on December 29, 2019:

Thank you for much for your comments Brenda

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on December 29, 2019:

I love it Charlie!

You have to write for yourself...whatever your thoughts tell you.

You are doing so great...I am proud of you.

Keep going!

Charlie Halliday (author) from Scotland on December 28, 2019:

This one just came in my head as I was reflecting on the difference in my life this year from this time last year.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on December 28, 2019:

Charlie, although most of my writing tends to be on the brighter side of the writing spectrum I do also use it as a kind of therapy to get things off my chest and unload when life goes wrong. It always helps. You are on the rigt path my friend. Good work on this one.

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