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Reality in Poetry


Faith in Humankind

I don’t write of unrequited love

or wishing on the stars above

I write my feelings as they come

about the pain I try to numb.

Things I’ve done I cannot change

but I can leave the firing range.

The scatter gun I used to fire

to make everything to my desire.

As I try to change the life I led

and get the demons out my head.

It must be done with openness

if I’m to find true happiness.

If I want to learn to love myself

nothings left upon the shelf.

All my failings spread out front

with honesty I must be blunt.

It will not be an easy road

with all this baggage to unload.

The choice is mine, it’s fight or flight

with a lot of help I’ll get it right.

I am travelling in the right direction

I now have those feelings of affection.

I was the one who made me blind

and lost my faith in humankind.