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Faith Poems 77

Broken Faith

His rough, callused hands

are hard at work

as he fixes his once broken faith

by shattered dreams

uncaring people

that left him holes to mend.

Broken faith,

by untrue words,

by forceful hands,

by unwiped tears.

Broken faith

that became restored

just by someone's gift

by someone's belief in him,

someone never giving up on him,

by someone ignoring the people's harsh words,

as they healed his wounds

and his faith

through God's unfailing love.

Do You Remember

Do you remember when I fell and couldn't get back up?

Because I remember

I fell into a hole so deep,

I felt it was impossible to escape,

I felt your hand reach out to me,

It's touch gentle,

It's strength greater than any known.

You picked me up,

and I knew that nothing and no one

could ever make me feel as safe,

I knew no one could ever love me this much.