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Faith In A Memory

I don’t like all the things I know
But I love the things that I like
Buried roots deep in sentimentality
I am at peace in their company

But there is no carve tree willing of my name
I condemn too many things for the wrong reason
And who might I be to live by my own vanity
When my wits meet their match in humility

I don’t know if I can ever live in a dream
Plagued by regret for love never known again
I walked away not by force but instead dignity
Dishonest love is only lust without integrity

I don’t want you to feel small next to me
Not like a mountain that could crush you
If you stand too close what if I fell suddenly
But too far, you think distance and majesty

Are you just passing through my life?
You seem like the changing seasons of nature
Are you the winter of the past’s inhumanity
Or a leaf the summer sun changes gradually?

I can only think of the softness of your kiss
But it’s not just your lips inside my life
It’s the sound of your life becoming reality
What I once knew was only faith in a memory

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