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Fairy Tale Hogwash

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Discovered as I get older that adult life wasn't a picnic

Sounded a little cornball to say, but it's true

As a child, many given the delusion that happiness

Came to those who worked hard, behaved in school and were kind

Not entirely the case however the dice is rolled

Sometimes you land on the perfect number

Most times you get snake eyes and have to leave premises

With nothing except clothes on your back and dignity left behind

Gobsmacked to have been so trusting of false promises

The hero doesn't always win the battle

Justice only sometimes prevails at the end of the day

Responsibility came with harder choices to be had

Back to those impractical whimsical matters

Always thought that I would never be a romantic

Cynical down to the very center of this human apple core

Skeptical over grand gestures without hidden meaning

Questioning everyone's intentions for fear of getting burned

Allowed the night guard to have the day off

Ended up being swindled one Saturday night without looking

Maybe, part of the ruse had some truth to it

Not sure anymore; too much time passed to even care

Sacrificed logic and reasoning to have a bite of the poisoned fruit

Developed a prescription for the rose colored glasses

Many girly ladies loved to wear to see everything in pink

Ignore the cracks in the foundation and sinking feelings

Tried to maintain hope in that happily ever after jargon

Engrained since childhood with the Disney notion

Of the Prince and Princess marching off to ever after

Realized that it was different once the credits rolled around

Prince gets bored and fooled around with the Ladies in Waiting

Princess branching off on various goodwill tours around the world

Keeping busy to stay away from the sham of their stale marriage

Coin toss between marriage and divorce literally

Heads going one way and tails getting the lawyers involved

Splitting up marital assets and whatnot

Making a lifetime boil down to simple brass tacks and dollar signs

What a cynical way to end something that started with emotion

Returned back to the town of the jaded and perpetually faded

Tried not to make current existence a rhyming scheme

Proof in pudding when looking outside at the dismal skyline

Even Mother Nature took a break from perpetual optimism

Resentful of those who can get the happily ever after

Wrapped in a silly big red bow and a plastered on smile

Decided to take a sabbatical from the sentimental

What's the point when nothing was happening

Will pull those feelings out of cold storage when time fit

Enjoying the trivial pursuits in the meantime

Not caring about the things that allude me.

For those who believe this is in your future.

For those who believe this is in your future.

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