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Fairies and Fairy Tales via Brenda Arledge's Prompt

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.

Frank Sinatra - Young at Heart

Brenda Arldge has inspired many of us to write poetry based on her prompts. I have been writing poetry for about six weeks and have enjoyed it immensely. It calls on our thoughts, ideas and our creativity to write poems, but they tend to come from the heart most of the time.

I have always liked poetry, and I wrote poetry when I was in school. I wish I had continued to write, but I did not until recently. It is significantly different from writing informational articles. I enjoy writing both.

Acrostic Poem

Female spirit with magic powers

A supernatural being impowers

If you believe she will appear

Random fairy dust will be near

You can choose to believe


Fairy Tales

The magic of a fairy tale

To many a child’s delight,

Spending hours with a book

Makes their little minds bright

If only you believe

Tinker Bell is a fairy we know

She uses that magic fairy dust,

We saw her at the movies

She flies with a windy gust

If only you believe

Peter Pan is just a boy

Who refuses to grow up,

He loves living in Neverland

Tinker Bell, the only grownup

If only you believe

Fairy Tales - Anita Baker


Enchanted being a fairy is

She flits about to and fro

She uses magic fairy dust

You can surely see it glow

If only you believe

The fairy dust is magical

Fairies use it to mend and heal,

They make your wish come true

Her goals are the very best deal

If only you believe

Fairy tales are true you see

Cinderella and Snow White,

Stories that the children love

As they finally see the light

If only you believe


© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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