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Fair Wild Sweet Hate

E. David John is a seasoned writer with passion to unite words in a special order to give readers a zenith of interpretations of each theme.

... deep expression of love betrayed.


Smiles clouds my head tonight in a foggy blush,

Tears like streams, wave a path through the black bush.

How’d I cut me from these imaginations that rends my happiness

This note in you jeans pocket brings me much emptiness.

Under my skin now sprouts this tiny pinch,

Arousing this deep crave for you at every inch.

Sure feels I’m alive whether night or noon,

Come soon, save me from this sadness gloom.

Lost in thought of your beautiful grip so tight,

These sour hours of jealousy now comes insight.

When my arms longs for you to grasp again my precious love,

Here again, I stare on your portraits missing the curve.

In the balcony I hear the voices of a thousand sadness, blame

Now loneliness knows me by name.

I raise my arms but they slip on my nape, oh what sigh

I smell you strong, a thousand times, but here you aren’t, neither nigh.

Purge me of this love o’ sweet mother, nature,

My eyes closed, in your arms I breathe your imaginary nurture.

Bored with the thoughts of the occasionally dates,

Creeps in this fair wild sweet hate.

© 2018 David John Ekanem

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