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Failing the Litmus Test

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


About ten years ago her husband died

In a plane crash after returning to the country

From an international engagement where he has

Gone to, to represent his country. Before his death he

Discovered something for his country which he was

Sumptuously rewarded by the leadership of his country

Since he was not in the immediate need of the

He and his wife agreed that they should deposit

The Money he puts the money in an overseas account

Pending the time they will know the business to use

The money for. It was after depositing this money that

He died in a plane crash with no survivor. Seven years

After this, the wife was diagnosed to be having pancreatic

Cancer she has been managing this cancer for a while, but the

Doctors have told her that she does not have much time to

Spend in the world again, therefore she should prepare her

House for she can give up any time. On hearing this, she

Decides to give out the money which his hubby stashed

Away in a foreign account to the orphans and indigent people

In the society. She contacted her banker of what she needs to do

About what was in her mind and her banker told her to look for

Someone who will help her distribute the money to the indigent

People. With the last energy in her she started surfing the internet

To find someone to give the money to with a concrete promise from

The person that he or she would use the money for the exact thing

She has asked the person to use the money for. As she decides to do

This, she also bears in mind the issue of the fraudsters. She eventually


Gets someone on the internet who looks promising, and she sends

Message to the person that she has some information for her which

She will not regret and if she is interested she should get back to her

With her details, biodata, and phone numbers. This lady on receiving

The message, thinks the internet fraudsters have hacked into her account

And she would supply wrong names and address to the woman. After the

Woman has received the details of the lass, she sends it to her banker

And then wrote the lass about what the online business was, that she

Wants her to help her distribute some money to the indigent people in

Her area, because she is sick and dying and that is what she wants

The money her late husband and herself have labored for to be used for.

Therefore, she should send her details to another email address which

Was her banker’s and they will tell her other things she needs to do

For the transaction to be smooth and trouble-free. When this lady sees

This message she was happy and thought her hand has grasped it,

She thence sends another details to the banker. When the banker

Gets this she discovers discrepancies in the messages sent by the

Dying woman and the person who wants to claim the money. She

Therefore writes the woman who wants to transfer the money

To another person of what she has received, the person says, maybe

Her account has been hacked and she should send another message to

Her to resend her details, using a secure email. She sends the message

Again and told her that her email has not been hacked. Then the woman

Notices that she is a liar as she has failed the litmus test with her address

She is not worthy to be transferred the money to, the woman says,

And she cancelled the deal and started searching for someone else to

Be beneficiary of the money.