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Failed Solo Efforts

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Carefully cultivate image that took decades to design

Or a lifetime to create and finetune to make sure it lasted

Putting up enough invisible barriers that no intruder

Could ever break through without serious damage occurring

Often wondered when the real person began and the fantasy ended

Time to boil down the difference between fact and crafted fiction

That a hungry line of press hyenas would lap up

Any garbage fed to them as a joke or act of malice

Pictured on the front pages at last few remaining news stands

A talented lead singer of an iconic rock band

Major draw for concertgoers with super active dance moves

Very physically fit for someone advantaged in age

An archetype that was always tied to the group

That gave them millions of fans and dollars to their names

Wondered what it would be like to separate from friends

That started off in a small garage with nothing in their pockets

Except a dream for stardom and groupies flooding their thoughts

Polluted by blinding lights and ambitions beyond humble beginnings

Seduced by one too many ulterior motive laced partners

Fascinated by fast talking record executives greasing the wheels

To lure them away from their legendary group

Finding another cash cow with less barriers to block their path

Cutting out four other middlemen to tap the supposed source of success

Found an initial splash of solo glory that turned out very different

Front and center in the media circus without back-up

No one else to blame for declining sales and interest

Feuds started with fellow band member and writing partner

Due to some long simmering tensions ratcheted up

With the help of reporters looking to grace front covers

Creating drama where there might not have been

Took years to come to a détente, but it happened regardless

Sure, youthful relations gave way to a newer and longer lasting normal

Realized that it was more beneficial to experience some disappointment

In order to realize what was important and more vital

To legacy of working with friends that became a different type of family

Than striking out in murkier waters.

A strong dynamic that weathered its share of complications.

A strong dynamic that weathered its share of complications.

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